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Rum’s colorful influence on American history dates back to 1764, when the Sugar Act set off a chain of events that led to the American Revolution. Today, Carmelita’s is inspiring a 21st century revolution: to forever change the way you view rum.

“Upon all the new settlements, the Spanish do make, the first thing they do is build a church; the first thing the Dutch do upon a new colony is to build them a fort; but the first thing the English do, be it in the most remote parts of the world or amongst the most barbarous, is to set up a tavern or drinking house.”

-Captain Thomas Walduck, British seaman and traveler of the West Indies colonies in the early 18th century

fine silver rum

Made from sugar cane molasses, this light, delicate and smooth silver rum has notes of wild flowers and citrus with a mild pepper finish. The perfect choice for your favorite summer cocktail or enjoy it as a delicious substitute for vodka.

Sun on your face. Wind in your hair.
Carmelita’s in your glass.

Venus Rising

Grilled Pinapple Rum

Who knew it was possible to capture the sweet and smoky flavors of a grilled pineapple in a bottle of rum? Our skilled blenders, that’s who. They worked tirelessly to perfect this amazing sensation. Enjoy it with a splash of tonic or a squeeze of citrus. Feeling adventurous? Add a jalapeño garnish.

2018 Rum Renaissance Consumer Jury Gold Medal

2018 WSWA Silver Medal

2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Silver Medal

Life is delicious. Savor every moment.

Hilo Mojito

spiced orange rum

Florida-inspired and a best-in-class winner, this amazing rum offers an unforgettable sipping experience. Bold orange flavors are created through a special maceration process and blended with our silky-smooth silver rum and a hint of our exotic spice blend. Perfect for pairing with tequila, orgeat or falernum.

2018 Rum Renaissance Gold Medal

2018 WSWA Double Gold Medal

2017 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival Best In Class Gold Medal

Sip. Savor. Smile.

Darjeeling Sling

Dark spiced rum

True rum connoisseurs will delight in this complex, spice forward rum with a full, caramel body and lingering finish. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or as a way to spice up your favorite cocktail. It also pairs perfectly with ginger beer.

2018 Rum Renaissance Gold Medal

2018 WSWA Gold Medal

2017 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival
Gold Medal

2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition Bronze Medal

Indulge your dark side.

Take It Black

Join the Rum Revolution